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E3 2015 @ SCG – Sony

PlayStation wraps up the second day of press conferences and we’ve got all the details

The final of four press conferences today will be Sony’s, which is sure to bring news from all fronts PlayStation.

PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS Now and the newest edition to the PlayStation family Project Morpheus is a lot to cram in to a two-hour-or-less event so it’ll be interesting to see what Sony does. Will Sony have an answer to Xbox’s megaton backward compatibility announcement? Will Sony announce any more third-party exclusives to join the ranks of Street Fighter V? What new IP and/or sequels will come out of Sony’s first party studios?

We’ll find out all of this and we’re sure more on Uncharted 4 and other upcoming Sony titles at 6 p.m. PT. Join us for all the announcements as they are made live on stage.

Update: Announced before E3, PS4 is getting a native media player and DLNA media streaming. USB devices can be hooked up to play media, but no word if media can be stored on the PS4’s hard drive.


The Last Guardian – new trailer with gameplay for the first time, coming to PS4 2016 Horizon: Zero Dawn – new IP from Guerilla Games, trailer shown. The game looks like a Hitman – new game announced, trailer shown, console exclusive beta with pre-order for PS4 and six exclusive DLC contracts for PS4 players Street Fighter V – new footage and characters shown, beta coming July 23 exclusively for PS4. Game coming to PS4 and PC. No Man’s Sky – gameplay demonstration from Hello Games, coming soon, still debuting as console exclusive on PS4 Dreams – new game from Media Molecule, gameplay introduction and trailer shown Firewatch – debuting exclusively on PS4, trailer shown Destiny: The Taken King – new expansion coming Sept. 15, 2015. Trailer shown. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – new gameplay trailer shown, “Dreadful Crimes” DLC exclusive to PlayStation World of Final Fantasy – announcement, trailer shown, coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita in 2016 Final Fantasy 7 Remake – announcement, trailer shown, coming first to PlayStation 4 Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing Souls – four new Devolver Digital games coming first to PlayStation Shenmue III – announcement from original Shenmue creator, KickStarter promotional video, Sony promotes the funding of Shenmue III and puts the power in gamers’ hands. Update: already funded! Batman Arkham Knight – Exclusive “Scarecrow” DlC gameplay shown Project Morpheus showcase – includes RIGS, a new VR sports game; The Deep, an underwater exploration game and more PlayStation Vue – coming to San Francisco and Los Angeles, will offer a la carte offerings, along with PlayStation Plus discounts Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – worldwide premiere footage shown, playable at E3 for the first time ever, map packs now first on PlayStation 4, beta coming exclusively to PS4 this fall Montage of games coming to PlayStation platforms Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition – early release edition announced, includes Rise Against the Empire playset and Boba Fett character early Star Wars Battlefront – survival gameplay trailer shown Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – new gameplay trailer, features driving

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