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E3 @ SCG – Everything all in one place (Update)

E3 2018 is underway and we’re wrapping up everything announced right here in one place

Update: All done. Everything has been updated. Thanks for checking out our coverage and enjoy the rest of E3 2018!

Sac City Gamer has done separate posts in years past for E3 but this year we’re putting together a list of everything announced all right here in one post. Take a look below for everything announced by EA, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft and more.

Keep in mind that some third party publishers and developers announce titles at the big three (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) conferences, so check those lists if you don’t see a game listed under its respective publisher (Shadow of the Tomb Raider is under Microsoft for instance).

Nintendo (Tuesday, June 12 at 9 a.m.)

Daemon X Machina – coming 2019 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – new footage shown, coming in September Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu – new footage and information about the Pokeball Joycon shown. Coming Nov. 16, 2018. Super Mario Party! – announcement and footage of the game shown, coming Oct. 5, 2018 Fire Emblem: Three Houses – trailer shown, spring 2019 Fortnite – announced for Switch, available now Overcooked! 2 – announcement, trailer, coming August 7, 2018 Killer Queen Black – remastered arcade hit, coming later this year Hollow Knight – gameplay shown, available now with all previously-released DLC Octopath Traveler – coming exclusively to Switch on July 13 with a demo coming June 14 Sizzle reel shown with Starlink, Arena of Valor, Minecraft, Sushi Striker, Pixark, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure, Just Dance 2019, Dragonball FighterZ, Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, Captain Toad, Crash Bandicoot, Ninjola, FIFA 18 and 19, Ark: Survival Evolved, Carcassonne, Wasteland 2, Paladins, Fallout Shelter, Dark Souls Remastered, SNK Heroines, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Wolfenstein II, The World Ends with You Final Remix, Megaman 11, Mario Tennis Aces Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – TONS of footage shown, including roster, moves, costumes and more.

Sony (Monday, June 11 at 6 p.m.)

Ghost GiantPSVR Twin Mirror – from creators of Life is Strange Days Gone – Coming Feb. 22 Tetris Effect – announced, PSVR Beat Saber – coming to PSVR The Last of Us Part IITrailer shows Ellie and some friends at a dance in the same tent the show attendees are in and we meet Ellie’s love interest. After a conversation and a kiss, we cut to some murderous gameplay. The graphics are stunning. She sneaks up on a brutal execution and then we see some bow action. After some awesome action, we cut back to the kiss and that’s our look at The Last of Us Part II. Notably, there was no Joel shown, but Ellie’s “old man” was mentioned. God of War – Shawn Layden confirms that New Game + is coming at some point. Call of Duty Black Ops IIITrailer for Black Ops I and II maps coming to III. The game is FREE for PlayStation Plus members starting tonight for a limited time. Destiny 2: Forsaken – new trailer shown.  Ghost of Tsushima: Gameplay trailer is shown following a live flute performance. It has some similarities to Controla new game from 505 Games and Remedy announced with a gameplay trailer that looks a lot like Star Wars The Force Unleashed Resident Evil 2new trailer for the remastered version shown, coming Jan. 25, 2019 Trover Saves the Universe – Announced with a teaser trailer, coming to PS4 and PSVR Kingdom Hearts 3 – New trailer shown with Pirates of the Caribbean and the Frozen content as well as some other new clips thrown in. Limited Edition PS4 Pro coming for the game. Game releases Jan. 29, 2019. A package with all three Kingdom Hearts games will be available on PS4 as well.   Death Stranding: New trailer shown. It’s a mix of cinematic footage and gameplay. The story and premise is beginning to get a bit clearer, but still fairly mysterious. It’s different and new, that’s for sure. Nioh 2 – announced with a teaser trailer. Spider-Man: New footage, both cinematic and gameplay shown. The game features multiple big-name enemies, including Electro, Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion and the mysterious main enemy. Deracinenew Japan Studio PSVR game announced with a beautiful cinematic trailer PlayStation VR Highlightstrailer shared

Ubisoft (Monday, June 11 at 1 p.m.)

Space Junkies – trailer added to YouTube Just Dance 2019 – opening presentation Beyond Good and Evil 2 – new trailer shown, pre-alpha gameplay shown, can be played alone or in co-op. Players around the world can share ideas for music and more. Joseph Gordon-Levitt on stage talking about a collaboration with his art platform for players to put their art in the game. Got to hitrecord.org or bgegame.com to participate. Rainbow Six – 35 million players for Siege. Siege has eSports events through Feb. 2019. A documentary about Siege players is in development. Trials Rising –  new sequel announced where riders go around the world. The game will feature an extensive tutorial system put together by 20 players. Trialsgame.com closed beta sign-ups available for a beta later this year. Coming Feb. 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – new trailer and gameplay shown and new details shared; will feature 8-player raids and three DLC expansions throughout 2019 that will all be free. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure coming June 26, 2018 as part of the game’s season pass Skull and Bones – new trailer and gameplay shown, coming next year. A sign up is available for a chance to play early. Transference – VR game from Elijah Wood’s studio. Wood is on stage to help talk about the game. The game allows players to play as several family members and work to discover a mystery in this psychological thriller. Trailer shown. Coming this fall. Starlink: Battle for Atlas – toys-to-life game coming Oct. 16, 2018. Trailer shown for the game that was announced last year. Toys connect to your controller and alter the in-game spaceships. Star Fox will be in the game and have a toy ship and figure exclusively on Nintendo Switch. For Honor – June 11 – June 18, the PC starter pack will be free. Marching Fire expansion trailer shown. New mode Breach trailer shown. Coming Oct. 16, 2018. The Crew 2 – Coming June 29. Open beta on June 21 on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Pre-load available now for the beta. New trailer shown. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – new trailer shown. Looks like a cross between Origins, Black Flag and the movie 300. Play as Elixos or Kassandra and play as that character for the entire game. Dialogue now has a choices system. Footage featuring Socrates shown. Gameplay shown. Coming Oct. 5, 2018

Square Enix (Monday, June 11 at 10 a.m.)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – gameplay shown and new information shared, including full underwater exploration and one of the biggest hubs in any Tomb Raider game. More tombs this time around as well. Trailer shown. Coming Sept. 14, 2018. Final Fantasy XIV Online: Stormblood – trailer shown Final Fantasy XIV Online x Monster Hunter World – trailer shown, coming this summer Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit – the game will be free and is essentially a teaser/precursor for Life is Strange 2, coming June 26, 2018 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – new trailer, coming Sept. 4, 2018 Babylon’s Fall – new 2019 game from Platinum Games for Steam and PS4, trailer shown Nier: Automata – coming to Xbox One (same trailer from Microsoft conference shown), coming June 26, 2018 to Xbox One Octopath Traveler – coming July 13, 2018 to Nintendo Switch, trailer shown Just Cause 4 – trailer shown, features biggest world in the series with more variety and new weather conditions that cause more destruction. Vehicles have been overhauled and more have been added. Fully customizable grapple with more tethers and abilities. The game features a new engine with greater draw distance. Coming Dec. 4, 2018. The Quiet Man – new IP announced where you play as a deaf fighter. Coming to PS4 and Steam. More information coming in August. Kingdom Hearts 3 – same trailer from the Xbox conference shown, coming Jan. 29, 2019 to Xbox One and PS4. See more at youtube.com/squareenixpresents throughout the week.

Bethesda (Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 p.m.)

RAGE 2 – New footage, Andrew W.K. performance Elder Scrolls Legends – Re-releasing with enhanced visuals on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One Elder Scrolls Online – New werewolves DLC and story DLC content coming; Summerset available now DOOM Eternal – announced with teaser trailer Quake Champions – open to everyone this week only (trial of free-to-play version) and if you download this week, you can continue playing forever for free Preythree new modes launching tonight along with Mooncrash DLC; VR experience coming Wolfenstein – VR experience called Cyberpilot (built from the ground up) coming; New Colossus coming to Switch Wolfenstein Youngblood – sequel announced, coming next year Skyrim – coming to Alexa! Just kidding! Fallout ’76 – trailer that Microsoft showed is shown gameplay trailer and story information shared; the game will be fully online and the other survivors will be online players (can be played in single player too); Vault-Tec trailers shown; Beta coming; collector’s edition detailed with some cool collectibles; coming Nov. 14, 2018 Fallout Shelter – Nintendo Switch, PS4 version coming for free tonight Elder Scrolls Blades – new mobile experience with console-like graphics that can be fully played with touch controls and in vertical or horizontal mode; planned for VR, consoles and pretty much every device ever with connectivity across all platforms; coming this fall for free Starfield – brand new IP announced The Elder Scrolls VI – announced

Microsoft (Sunday, June 10 at 1 p.m.)

Halo Infinite – Announced with a teaser trailer Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Gameplay trailer Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – From Software, trailer, coming 2019 Fallout 4 – coming to Xbox Games Pass Fallout ’76 – Prequel to all Fallout games, biggest one yet, new footage shown Awesome Adventures of Captain SpiritLife is Strange spin-off, announcement, free from June 26 Crackdown 3 – new footage featuring lots of Terry Crews shown, coming Feb. 2019 Nier: Automata – trailer Metro: Exodus – new trailer, Feb. 22, 2019 Kingdom Hearts 3 – coming to Xbox for the first time ever, new trailer shown featuring Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled and more; coming Jan. 29, 2019 Sea of Thieves – two new DLC expansions coming in July and September Battlefield V – new trailer shown Forza Horizon 4 – announcement trailer, features dynamic weather/seasons and a shared open world plus jump-in/out co-op; coming Oct. 2 to retail, digital and Xbox Games Pass Five new studios have joined Microsoft Studios: Ninja Theory (Hellblade), Playground Games (Forza Horizon), The Initiative (new studio in Santa Monica), Undead Games (State of Decay) and Compulsion (We Happy Few) We Happy Few – new footage PUBG – new content trailer Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition – coming this winter The Division 2 – teaser trailer shown; gameplay shown Xbox Game Pass new fast start feature coming, Master Chief Collection coming, more new games coming The Division, Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4 coming to Game Pass today ID @ Xbox Sizzle Reel lots of games shown including Outer Wilds, Afterparty, Kingdom: Two Crowns, The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA, Warhammer: Vermintide, Fringe Wars, Below, Conqueror’s Blade, Waking, Raji, Super Meat Boy Forever, Planet Alpha, Islands of Nyne, Sable, Harold Halibut, Bomber Crew, Children of Morta, The Wind Road, Wargroove, Generation Zero, Dead Cells and Ashen Shadow of the Tomb Raider new footage, coming Sept. 14, 2018 Session – new skateboarding game announced with trailer Black Desert – announced with a trailer Devil May Cry 5 – announced with a trailer Cuphead – expansion coming in 2019 TUNIC – announced with trailer Jump Force – coming 2019, trailer shown for this Naruto/Dragon Ball X crossover game Dying Light 2 – announced with trailer; gameplay shown Battletoads – new game coming in 2019 Just Cause 4 – coming Dec. 4, 2018; trailer shown Gears Pop!Funko Pop Gears of War mobile game announced with teaser Gears Tactics – new PC game coming, pre-alpha footage shown Gears 5 – a new Gears of War game teased; trailer shown Cyberpunk 2077 – new trailer shown

EA Play (Saturday, June 9 at 11 a.m.)

Anthem – new trailer; gameplay EA Origin Access Premier – new subscription tier starting this summer that allows subscribers to play new games before anyone else along with access to the vault Madden 19 – coming back to PC for first time in over a decade Battlefield V – new footage and information; first look at new footage during Xbox show FIFA 19 – reveal, trailer; UEFA Champions League Unravel Two – reveal, available now Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order – new Respawn Star Wars game name confirmed, takes place between Episode III and Episode IV; coming holiday 2019 Star Wars: Battlefront II – new information, modes, characters, etc. discussed including Clone Wars and Solo content Sea of Solitude – teaser trailer Command and Conquer Rivals – announced, trailer NBA Live 19 – coming Sept. 7, 2018

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