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Microsoft’s subscription game service available for everyone today

Game Pass is a Netflix-style subscription game service for Xbox One, similar to PlayStation Now

Microsoft’s new subscription game service, Xbox Game Pass, is now available on Xbox One for all players.

The service was previously available to Xbox Live Gold members, and beta testers prior to that. It features over 100 games across Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Players can sign up for a 14-day trial to give the service a go before committing any hard-earned cash.

From there, it’ll cost $10.95 a month to continue subscribing to the service. If players decide to keep a game, they’ll get a 20 percent discount, but this only applies to Xbox One games. Expansions and add-ons for those games come with a 10 percent discount.

Microsoft says it will add more games on a regular basis. Unlike Netflix and PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass allows subscribers to download games instead of streaming them.

Click here for a full list of games available at launch as well as FAQs and more information on the service.

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