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Play games with Rockstar Games April 13

Rockstar hooks up with fans this weekend to shoot guns, steal cars and tap balls back and forth

Players who get online to play against the devs will also be entered to win some cool prizes. Check out Rockstar’s website to see the full details and see the list of times/player IDs below by clicking the jump.

Keep in mind, Rockstar says they try to get everyone involved eventually so they recommend being patient and playing with friends while you wait to get into a Rockstar session. Oh, and have fun!

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Schedule courtesy Rockstar Games:

Max Payne 3, 12-2pm EDT / 5-7pm BST Midnight Club Los Angeles and Table Tennis, 1-2pm / 6-7pm Red Dead Redemption, 2-4pm / 7-9pm Grand Theft Auto IV, 3-5pm / 8-10pm Episodes from Liberty City, 4-6pm / 9-11pm

Gamertags and IDs:

PlayRockstar (PS3 & Xbox 360) PlayRockstar1 (PS3 Only) PlayRockstar2 (Xbox 360 Only) PlayRockstarPC (PC Only)

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