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Rocket League getting two more Batmobiles

Psyonix continues to add new content and now players can score goals in two more variations of Batman’s iconic car

A new DLC pack for Rocket League was announced today and it’s based on DC Super Heroes.

The pack, which releases March 5 and will run $3.99, will be headlined by two new variations of the Batmobile but will also include a host of other DC decals and other exciting items.

In addition to the ’89 Batmobile and Dark Knight Rises Tumbler, Psyconix revealed the full list of included content:

Aquaman — Decal (Breakout), and Player Banner

Batman — Decal (Paladin), and Player Banner

Cyborg — Decal (Roadhog), and Player Banner

Flash — Speed Force Boost, Wheels, Decal (Venom), and Player Banner

Green Arrow — Decal (Hotshot), and Player Banner

Green Lantern — Decal (Merc), and Player Banner

Superman — Decal (Octane), and Player Banner

Wonder Woman — Wheels, Decal (X-Devil), and Player Banner

DC — Player Banner

“If three of these items look familiar, The Flash Wheels, Player Banner, and DC Comics Player Banner were previously available in the re-released “Collector’s Edition” of Rocket League distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive earlier this year,” the company noted.

A variation of the Batmobile from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has been available since March 2016. The pack includes the car and three antenna flags based on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and sells for $1.99.

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