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Trucking simulator coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Open world truck driving, delivering and community building coming soon

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, SOEDESCO and Triangle Studios are bringing an open-world truck driving simulation to consoles and PC soon.

The game, aptly titled Truck Driver, features the ability to explore a fully-open world, the ability to build community relationships with each job, options to customize your truck with lots of parts, drivers can enjoy beautiful environments in several cities and more.

No release date has been announced for the game and the below video doesn’t show any gameplay, but the developers go in-depth with how the game will work and what their inspiration was for creating the title.

SOEDESCO is responsible for games like Teslagrad, Tricky Towers, Wuppo and World to the West. Triangle Studios has made several iOS and Nintendo DS titles.

Stay tuned to SCG for more information on this game as it is revealed.

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