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Two-step verification coming to PlayStation Network

Sony confirmed to Polygon that the extra security step is coming soon

Five years ago today, Sony’s PlayStation Network was hacked in the infamous 2011 network takedown that left PSN users without access to the service for 23 days, and now the company has announced that it is finally bringing two-step verification to the network, according to a report by Polygon.

Polygon confirmed with Sony that the feature is coming following a new PS3 firmware update release yesterday after users noticed mention of two-step verification upon entering login credentials incorrectly.

As explained by Polygon, “two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication, is a process that requires users to enter two different ‘factors’ when logging into a service. Generally, this means ‘something you know’ (your existing login details) as well as a second piece of information from your phone, typically a six-digit code generated by a mobile app or received in a text message (‘something you have’).”

“Once you sign in with your correct username and password, you must also type in the second code in order to complete the login process,” continued the post by Polygon. “Two-step verification is much more secure than a password alone, since it means that a hacker would also need your phone — a device that is in your possession — in order to access your account.”

With tons of users reporting hacked accounts across all sorts of forums and social media platforms everyday, this will help cut down on a lot of unwanted activity. Of course, two-step login should be optional for PSN as it is with most other services that use it, including many email clients like Yahoo Mail and GMail.

Sony has not confirmed a time-frame for when two-step verification will be officially available, but considering that it is already a part of the PS3’s firmware, it shouldn’t be long. In comparison, Microsoft accounts for Xbox Live have had two-step verification since 2013.

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