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Xbox Avatars to get an upgrade, expand to more platforms

Microsoft details its plans for a bigger focus on the virtual versions of ourselves, including giving them a vacation to other devices

According to job postings found by DualShockers, as Microsoft integrates Windows 10 into the Xbox One and creates a unified operating system across Xbox, Windows phones, PCs and presumably more devices, the avatars will play a role in creating an identity for users.

Along with it, Microsoft says in the job listings that the new avatars will have better visuals and be “highly performant” on the new devices. Xbox head Phil Spencer is going to speak at a Microsoft event on Jan. 21, 2015 where gaming news has been promised. The event is focused on Windows 10, however, so it could be that the gaming news will have something to do with the avatars.

With all of the licensed clothing, accessories and props available to use in the customization of the avatars, Microsoft has undoubtedly made a nice profit on the sale of digital goods, so it only seems logical that continuing the life of the avatars on Xbox One and other Windows-enabled devices would be a viable business move.

We’ll see if Jan. 21 brings any more news on this. It’ll be interesting to find out how Microsoft moves forward with this venture. As always, stay tuned to Sac City Gamer for more on the Xbox Avatars and everything else gaming.

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